Welcome to Inner Strength Martial Arts Academy (ISMAA). We specialise in Wado Ryu Karate, which is a traditional style of Karate. At ISMAA we pride ourselves in our friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Learning Karate with ISMAA is fun and exciting, helps build your confidence and fitness, and teaches you to look after yourself if ever you're in a crisis situation.  All ages are welcome – from 4 to adult.

ISMAA works closely with some local schools and are proud to be associated with the LeAf Academy.

ISMAA was founded by myself, Kyoushi Shaun Lanham (6th Dan).  I was born in Poole, growing up in Alderney. I then moved Bearwood and am now living in Ferndown so I'm a real local instructor. I have been teaching now for 25 years. I have a proven track record helping my students achieve their goals at local, national and international levels. More than 50 of my students have attained their black belt and beyond with some now teaching their own clubs. This is something I'm especially proud of.  A hand-full of my students are still training with me 24yrs after starting, so I must be doing something right.

I was a doorman for 15 years, working in all the nightclubs and pubs around Poole and Bournemouth.  I started door work to see if my karate training would work and it never let me down.  I know that the techniques I teach work in the real world.

Karate is a structured and disciplined martial art which works well in the dojo (where others have similar skills) and also outside..

Why Choose Karate?

There are lots of different martial arts you can chose from; kick boxing, MMA. Ju jitzu and many more.  The great thing about karate is that it's the 'ORIGINAL MARTIAL ART' and incorporates many other styles in it.  For example, if you watch an MMA cage fight the main four locks and choke holds you'll see are basic Karate locks and chokes.

Of course, people are free to choose the martial art they prefer, but beginners should carefully consider which will give them the best, all round, grounding in the basic skills on which they'll maybe have to depend one day.

Karate is that  all round form of martial art, teaching everything that you would need to know.


Liitle Ninjas, Junior and Adult  + Advanced Classes

With the ideal of providing lessons for as wide a group of people as possible, Inner Strength Martial Arts Academy has classes in:

Muscliff ; Bournemouth St Ives ; Poole ; Ferndown ; Wimborne ; Parkstone ; Christchurch ; Verwood

Please look at our Class description for more information.

Self defence lessons

Run by Shaun Lanham 6th Dan Chief Instructor ISMAA.

  • Ever been in a position where you feel threatened? Or where you feel you may need to defend yourself.
  • We offer tailored sessions, either at one of our regular class locations or at a location of your choice.

    Learn how to defend yourself with non aggressive moves which can help anyone defend themselves and make a hasty exit.

    1 – 1 sessions or small groups of friends are welcome.  Prices depend on size of the group.  For  1-1 it's £35.   For a group of 2 it's £50.  A group of 3 is £70.  For 4 it's £85. For a group of 5 or more please ask. These prices are for 1 hours tuition.

  • This great offer is open to everyone, child or adult plus non members. Take advantage now



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